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A statue of Darwin has been hit by lightning.

Not only was it hit by lightning but it burned down, and not only did it burn down, but it burned down in a huge, glorious ball of fire visible for miles around. This is evidence of God, isn't it? This is as obvious as can be that God is sending us a message - a very clear message. And when God sends us a message, we better pay attention, right?

Think of what that message is. Think about what it means that a statue of Darwin was hit by lightning and then burned down to the ground in a ball of fire visible from space. Close your eyes, take your time.

Statue known as Big Butter Jesus on fire


Now, take that first paragraph and replace the fourth word, "Darwin," with "Jesus."

Click here for the news article.

Welcome to spookysrpg. The original form of this website, a fanfic style role playing game based on the X-Files has been removed. I mean, come on, X-Files is soooo yesterday. And the writers have grown up. But to thank you for coming by, I am sharing with you the links below. Links about the greatest conspiracy to ever hit the United States. A conspiracy that has brainwashed Americans to the point that it forces people to be evil. A conspiracy so successfully ingrained in our culture even Mulder never thought to examine it.

The conspiracy of Christianity.

Now, if you're a christian, I've offended you already. I'd like to apologize, but you need to be hit with a bucket of cold water and told to wake up. I invite you to explore the links below with an open mind, to question the things you've been told for years, the things that don't make sense but you haven't questioned them because you've been threatened, "If you don't believe unquestioningly, you will burn in hell forever!" (Don't worry about this threat; it's not real, even Jesus says so).

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